Why Translation Services are Still Relevant:

In this, the age of computers and mobile devices, you may have asked yourself why translation services are still relevant. Why is it that companies the world over still hire translation agencies to help them do business with foreign customers or partners, when Google translate can sufficiently do the job for them? Well, the saying “lost in translation” has never been more applicable when it comes to this question. All it takes is one Google search, with “translation fails” in the search box to see how so much can go wrong using automated engines.

Why it can go so Wrong:

The problem with language is, it is incredibly complex. Even the English language has its own problems, experienced by native speakers! For example, you could get a text message from somebody, but without tone of voice and body language to go off, you could misinterpret the text to mean something else. This gets scaled up massively when you factor in a foreign language. A good translation agency can help a business through these nuances. This is something that an automated service can never do – all it can do is to provide you with a literal translation of the actual words input in to the engine, and more times often than not, the results output are insufficient, baring no resemblance to what the speaker or writer actually intended.


Where Live’s are on the Line:

The medicinal sector worldwide has become a global beast, and hospitals all over the world feature doctors and staff that themselves are from countries other than the location they are posted to. And while the vast majority of these staff are well versed in the language of their chosen work country, there can sometimes be deficiencies.

But it’s not just hospitals that required medical translation services either. Pharmaceutical companies are some of the biggest in the world, and have bases in many countries. Take for example, Pfizer, a multinational giant, who (as of 2016) employed almost 97,000 staff in numerous countries all over the world. Without the help of translation services, it is safe to say that this company may not have grown to be the giant that they are today.

Translation Services Will Always Be Relevant:

So it is clear to see why international businesses will always require translation services in order to expand or to continue doing business in foreign market places. Imagine if translation services were never available – the world would feel like a much smaller place as a result. Big companies like Amazon and the aforementioned Pfizer would likely have remained smaller regional entities. This is the power that translation services offers to companies. Big businesses may have only been big in their home country, trading only with their own people, or at the very best, other countries that speak the same language. So if a business is looking to expand into new territory, one of the first things they should do is make sure they have a translation agency on board.

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