Why hire a Zantac Cancer lawsuit attorney?

The FDA is the government body that regulates and monitors approvals, manufacturing, processing, packing, labeling, and shipment of all the drugs, which are used by United States consumers. If medications, does result in any injuries or any side effects, it can be listed and taken care of by the lawsuit. The U.S food and drug administration warned the manufacturer of Zantac on the generosity of the medicine, named Zantac. NDMA, known as high levels of a human carcinogen, was found in heartburn medication Zantac. NDMA is an industrial chemical, which is located in gasoline, diesel, and much other industrial lubrication.

It resulted that millions of people, who have consumed Zantac regularly, are in the risk zone of causing cancer. People, who develop cancer, bladder cancer, pancreatic cancer, colon or intestinal cancer, or any other related disease, after taking Zantac, may file a Zantac lawsuit against the owner or manufactures of Zantac. Zantac was produced and distributed in the United States by Sonafi, known as the giant in the pharmaceuticals field. Moreover, in the U.S district court, the case has already been filed against Sanofi.

Common injuries reported against Zantac

The user of Zantac, whoever is using this drug, from a more extended period, is highly exposed to an unsafe level of NDMA. The amount which could be used daily is about 96 ng. But as per the researchers, it was calculated that the value available of NDMA present in 150 mg table in more significant than the safer level. It means it was estimated to about 26000 times higher than the daily safe limit. NDMA was found not only the reason for cancer but could also be said as poison for human lives. There were many cases reported where the high dose of NDMA caused damage to the liver, intestine, and even cause internal bleeding which leads to death. The lawsuit can help you with the related cases, where one has faced similar injuries, resulting in the side effects of Zantac.


Who can all file the Zantac lawsuit?

The lawsuit is concerned for the victims who were the daily consumption of Zantac. The victim can file the case against Zantac is those who have been suffering from the below-mentioned cancers because of the regular intake of this drug.

Stomach cancer

Cancer in liver

Bladder cancer

Kidney cancer

Urinal cancer

Cancer in the small intestine

It has been guessed that in the coming years, Zantac will be held responsible for any cancer caused by the intake of medicine. Even those who are facing acute liver damage or any symptoms, of cancer for more than 3 months.


The possible value of compensation in the Zantac lawsuit.


It is impossible to compensate for cancer with money. Wanting money against the injury will not be said to be greedy, but this is based on our court’s legal system. The answer to this could question could never be stated, but as per the experience, the compensation was even up-to one billion dollars.


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There are thousands of more cases, which are yet to be recorded. If you have been a prolong consumer of Zantac, you can contact the earliest to get the action taken.


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