Why a Career in Women’s Health is a Good Choice

The healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. With changes such as the Affordable Care Act happening across our healthcare landscape, service providers and healthcare institutions are benefiting from the growing market and expanding just as rapidly. This means more opportunities for those who want to build a career in this field.

A career in women’s health is definitely a good option to consider. There are a number of reasons why this is a career path that will help you secure that future you’ve always wanted.

It’s Easy to Get Started

There are several ways you can get started with your career in women’s health. Those with an associate degree can secure entry-level jobs without a problem. The growing demand for women’s health professionals mean there are more jobs to fill, too.

To really push your career forward, however, a women’s health nurse practitioner degree is a valuable investment to make. You can now pursue a WHNP degree online and complete the course in as little as 18 months. The available programs from top universities such as Regis College and its School of Nursing are also accredited, making the online degree just as valuable as their offline counterparts.

More importantly, taking the WHNP degree online allows you to save on tuition and other fees by as much as 40%. You can also complete the course while working a full-time job in women’s health, because the course is 100% online.

It’s Very Rewarding

As mentioned before, the demand for women’s health professionals is increasing by the day. Different jobs in this field are rated as among the most rewarding according to a recent survey by Forbes. You can build a career as a technician or a nurse-midwife and start shaping the future you want from the first year.

Aside from a relatively high median salary, a career in women’s health is also one that you’ll enjoy. If you love taking care of others, the emotional rewards you get from working in women’s health are priceless.

You can work at a hospital or in an obstetrics and gynecology physician’s practice. Both options offer different advantages. Working at a hospital, for example, usually comes with better structure as far as working hours go. On the other hand, you can bank more experiences and develop your career faster when you have the best gynecologist to learn from.

It’s Yours to Grab

Last, but certainly not least, a career in women’s health gives you that extra flexibility in terms of career path. You can pursue a managerial position in a hospital with the same WHNP degree you acquired at the beginning of your career. You can also choose to stay with hands-on jobs if you enjoy the experience.

It is a very flexible career and a promising one nonetheless. The healthcare industry will continue to grow for years to come. More jobs and higher positions will soon be available. There is no better time to start with a career in women’s health than today.

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