Top benefits you can offer your employees

When trying to attract the best employees, it is a good idea to offer benefits alongside a good salary. Those who are looking for work will want to know what you can do for them, and as many companies now offer employee benefits it is worth considering adding a few as part of an employment package. Employees need to be happy otherwise they will be looking for a new job!


The advantages of offering benefits


Benefits can help you to seem like a much more attractive employer. Employees with the best qualifications, skills and experience want to know that they are getting a good deal, and they will choose an employer who offers benefits over those who do not. Things that employees look for include health plans, paid vacations and retirement plans. Once the employees that you want are in place, they are less likely to leave if they have great benefits.


When employees are looked after this way, you will find that their morale is much higher than for employees who do not get benefits. Remember too that employees who have health plans in place, including things like dental care and paid sick leave, are generally going to be healthier. They will have regular medical checkups and will not hesitate to get treatment if there is something wrong. Workers who have something contagious will not be passing it on to other workers if they are paid to be on sick leave.


The best benefits to offer


There are the usual benefits that you can offer to employees, such as general healthcare plans and retirement plans, but there are also a few extras that might boost your standing with the workforce. What about a profit-sharing scheme? When productivity improves so do your profits, but that could not have happened without your workforce, so a financial reward makes a lot of sense. Profit sharing is something practiced by many companies these days and they have noted that their employees have been happier and more productive as a result.


Alongside other health benefits, you can offer an eye care plan. This is particularly important for those employees who spend a long time every day in front of a computer screen. The damage that can be done by staring at a screen for long periods of time can be long-term, so catching problems quickly is important so that they can be dealt with. An eye care plan can help employees with regular eye exams or help find a Lasik expert in Toronto, for example.


Other perks could be the inclusion of gym membership, extended maternity and paternity leave or social clubs and sports teams for employees. The latter has the added advantage of helping workers to learn the skills that promote teamwork, and this will be translated into the workplace.  


Benefits for employees should not be underestimated – workers like to feel as though their contribution is appreciated and benefits such as those already mentioned will do the trick.  

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