Things You Can Do with a Public Health Degree

If you’re thinking about your career options, you may want to think about getting a degree in public health. This type of education will open up a lot of doors and give you the skills necessary to qualify for an array of interesting work opportunities, both in the US and abroad.

Keep reading to learn about a few of the things that you can do with a public health degree, whether you end up getting your public health degree online or you get your master of public health from the University of Arizona to advance your skills.

Become a Public Health Administrator

One of the most popular job positions for those who have a public health degree is public health administrator. In this position, you can choose to be employed in the private or the public sector. Either way, you’ll be assisting individuals who need help with taking care of their health and accessing the appropriate care whenever necessary. As a public health administrator, you’ll need to be competent and confident, and you should be able to work in an office, educate others, and work with a variety of people.

Work in Environmental Science

Once you have your public health degree, you’ll be able to become an environmental scientist. Oftentimes, all you need to get an entry-level job in the field of environmental science is a bachelor’s degree in biology, environmental sciences, engineering, chemistry, or public health. You can work as a research assistant or you can help with field analysis. If you want to advance your career, you can do so with a master’s degree. No matter what path you take, this career will give you the chance to protect the environment and human health. You can help set regulations that protect the planet, as well as collect data, share information with the public, businesses, and government, work as a consultant, and much more.

Be a Biostatistician

As a biostatistician, you’ll be playing a vital role in the field of public health research, as you’ll be designing questionnaires, surveys, and experiments that will be able to collect information on people and their health. After you’ve collected data and analyzed it, you’ll write reports that will clearly explain your findings so improvements can be made to people’s lives. Oftentimes, biostatisticians are employed in a variety of sectors, including research and development, health care, and government.

Help People Understand Nutrition

If you want to help people achieve better health through their diet, you can use your public health degree and education to assist those in your community who need to develop a better understanding of how to eat right. Focus your undergrad studies in fields like food services management, food science, nutrition, and dietetics so you can be fully prepared for this path.

These are just a few of the many exciting career options that are possible when you’ve acquired your degree in public health. Again, you can find ample job opportunities with your bachelor’s degree, but if you get your masters in public health online while you work, you can advance your skills and career in no time.

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