The Power of Promotional Products

Do promotional products really work? Of course they do, but the trick is finding the right products with the right message. According to the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), many individuals keep promotional products for over 2 years on average and are more likely to remember and do business with the organization connected to the promotional items.


How Do You Choose the Right Promotional Product?


Choosing the right product is truly the tricky part, but you can narrow down your choices with these three guidelines:


  • Relevance: The promotional item must be relevant to your brand and services. You have plenty of options, so get creative.
  • Representation: Your promotional products represent your company and may even serve as first impressions of your brand. With that in mind, present your company in a way that’s cohesive with your mission.
  • Usefulness: If you and your marketing team wouldn’t use the promotional item in real life, choose something else. People like products they can really use.


Items That Will Work


With all this said, what will get the job done? Ultimately, the right answers will vary depending on you and how you use the items. However, here are some strong contenders:


  • USB Drive: These days storage and memory are always in demand and even multiple gigabyte drives are cost effective. According to the BPMA, this is the promotional item is most likely to be used for years to come.
  • Mug: Everyone needs a coffee mug even if they don’t drink coffee. From holding pens to drinking tea, a good mug frequently makes it onto the desks of clients and business partners.
  • Umbrella: The umbrella is something everyone needs and forgets to buy. Your company can save the day with a sturdy umbrella.
  • Bags: Promotional bags have a way of becoming the favorite beach and workbags for a variety of professionals.
  • Pens: Pens are a classic and you can easily customize them with laser pointers, lights and other extras.


When choosing your promotional products, try to select items that will find their way to the desks of powerful decision makers in your target partnerships and companies. Be smart with your choices and your promotional materials will turn into money well spent.

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