The Good Corporation: Ways for Businesses to Give Back

At some point in time, the world of business acquired something of bad reputation. Reports of avoiding tax and polluting the environment seemed to overwhelm all the positive effects that businesses can have, such as creating new ideas and new jobs.


Many companies are, understandably, fighting back against this image, by demonstrating the social good that can stem from entrepreneurialism and business development. If you’re looking for ways that your business can give something back to society, here are a few examples.


Charitable donations


One of the most effective ways that your organisation can demonstrate its willingness to help others is through charitable donations. There are a huge spectrum of charities out there in desperate need of assistance and showing your support can provide a big boost. You could choose to simply donate a specified amount of money, or you could decide to sponsor a fundraising event to give the charity added exposure.


Some businesses also encourage employees to volunteer for local charities, because giving your time to a good cause can sometimes prove just as beneficial as donating money.


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Helping ex-offenders get back on track


A criminal conviction can affect your life in a number of ways, particularly when it comes to finding employment. Overcoming the long-term stigma attached to having a criminal record can be difficult and is one of the leading reasons why many individuals re-offend.


DWI attorney Grant Scheiner understands the damage that convictions can do to your long-term prospects and offers support and assistance throughout the legal process to ensure you get the best possible future. Once the criminal charges have been completed, however, employers must show similar levels of compassion.


Some businesses are now not only open to recruiting ex-convicts, but are actively seeking them out. Organisations like these recognise that it’s a candidate’s personality and skillset, rather than their past, which makes them eligible for a particular role. Companies that employ ex-offenders play a vital role in the rehabilitation process and also gain an employee that has a wealth of life experience to draw from in the workplace.


Environmental work


Contributing to environmental causes is a fantastic way for businesses to give something back, particularly if they work in an industry that has a high carbon footprint. However, even if your company’s field is not one of the worst offenders, the opportunity to embrace more green ways of working should still prove attractive – after all, everyone has to do their bit to protect the planet.


There are a number of ways that you can make your business greener, from small tweaks here and there to large scale changes. Firstly, make sure that your office uses energy efficient equipment, like LED lighting, and biodegradable cleaning products. You could also encourage members of staff to start their own car share scheme to reduce the amount of energy wasted on the journeys to and from work. For more significant changes, companies could look into alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind power.


Don’t let your company become tarred with the “businesses are bad” brush. If you want to do your bit for society and the environment, why not look into the ways your business can give something back?


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