Redefine the Hospitality Industry as per the Latest Trends

Hotel industry is greatly soaring high on the sky due to the ever increasing travel and tourism all over the world. However, even though every room is booking and every accommodation is getting filled up, hotel owners have to redefine their style of doing business due to the emerging new trends, which if overlooked, will damage the business on the whole.

Top business leaders in hospitality industry like Patrick Imbardelli understood these fast impacting trends and undertook the right solutions at the right time. They successfully implemented various managerial strategies after foreseeing them in the past. The prevailing trends that are evolving in the hospitality scene have to be understood by the hoteliers to survive in the industry. As such, this is the hot topic on which many conferences and seminars are being held and discussed by experienced people of this industry.


Changing scenario that impacts the industry:

Increase in ‘sharing economy’: People have started to let out their idle premises for the travellers and arrange for comfortable stay. In future, leisure and business oriented travellers are going to utilize this opportunity quite a lot. This remains only the wealthy section targeting the hotels.

Re-creation of hotel brands: Newly emerging sector ‘millennials’ who are under 35 years are attracted only by innovative concepts and are seeking forward to novel experiences. They are after the ‘wow’ factor. Neither the traditional hotel offerings and services can be feasible for these millennials nor can they be tied down by the brand value. Hoteliers can start from strengthening their social media connections to have strong bondage with the youth who like to work in the lobbies rather inside their rooms.

New trends in food and beverage section:

  • Hotels, instead of restaurants, hereafter must advocate bars providing a place of network among the enjoyment of cocktails.

  • Public spaces have no special boundaries like lobby or bar.

  • There are no place restrictions for serving the food.

  • Dining nowadays has become social dining that involves grazing, sampling and snacking. It concentrates more on specific diet.

Next in trend is smart software: Hospitality industry heavily depends on the software industry. Software as a service, SaaS products include reservation systems, channel managers, email services, customer management system and so on. Cloud Computing has reduced the server interruption and has increased the safety and security aspects. In addition, this will pave way to ‘utility computing’ as well.

Development in technology: Digital technology is fast developing day by day and is coming up with new products quite often. Transportation, hospitality and event management services are facilitating their clients with suitable websites and apps both separately and in teaming up with related services. These digital solutions make travel easy and also they take care of all other needs of a traveller in an integrated manner. With a single platform, a traveller can access everything he wants.

Integration of health and wellness: More number of international visitors expects specific diet along with health conscious experience during their stay. They need yoga spaces, normal exercise equipments, gym, spa and swimming pool. All these have become daily life style, which hospitality industry must imbibe fast.

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