Questions You Must Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

Everyone in this world needs some sort of support. It doesn’t matter if it is a toddler learning to speak or a family of four moving to a new country. The latter is more challenging as we are speaking of immigrants (people moving out of one country and settling into another). The best help that immigrants could get is a good immigration lawyer. It is not easy to find one these days, though. If you ask the right questions, it might help to make the right choice. Here are the questions you should ask your immigration lawyer.

How will you contact me and when?

It is important for you to know how your immigration lawyer will contact you and at which frequency. They could mail you or call you. You can even tell them what you prefer. By frequency, when mean to say how often they are going to contact you. It could be monthly or weekly, whatever works for them.

Do you have any testimonials?

Going through the testimonials of your immigration lawyer can help you feel good about your decision to choose that particular lawyer. Even online ratings and reviews work the same way, but you will have to do some research for that. It will be a whole lot easier if you just asked your immigration lawyer to show you their client testimonials if they have any.

Do you think my case would win?

If your immigration lawyer is experienced enough, they will be able to give a short and crisp answer to this question. It is going to be as simple as a yes or a no. Even if it is not as simple as that. You still have a chance at getting a percentage as an answer. For example, your immigration attorney will say that there is a 65% chance of your application getting accepted. This is still pretty helpful.

Who will represent me?

What happens in most immigration cases is that people hire a popular face that they have seen on tv or the newspaper to represent their immigration case. However, a subordinate of the famous immigration lawyer ends up representing the case. This comes as a shock because the clients are not informed about this beforehand. So, you must not hesitate to ask your immigration lawyer if they will be the one representing your case in the court.

How much will I have to pay you?

A responsible immigration attorney will always keep you clear and updated on the money front. If you make sure that you are asking your attorney about their fees in the first meeting itself, you will be able to make a faster and more informed decision. This is because money plays a big role in legal processes. You never know the length of the bill that you will end up paying. It will be a relief to have an idea of the total amount that your immigration attorney will charge you beforehand.

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