Patrick Dwyer Financial Advisor – How Your Family Can Benefit From Financial Advice

Patrick Dwyer financial advisor to my parents told me just after I had my second child that financial advice would be a good investment for me. At the time, I wasn’t exactly flush with money and although my parents had used an advisor for years, my situation was very different to theirs. Mum and Dad had paid off their mortgage and they used an advisor to find out the best places to invest their money. I ignored the advice and it wasn’t until 3 years later that I sought out a consultation after seeing an advert in the paper and remembering the advice that I had been given.

I always thought that a financial advisor was just for people with millions in the bank but after just a few sessions with my advisor, I realized how wrong I had been. If you are like I was then read on to find out how a financial advisor can help your family.

Long Term Planning

An advisor will help you to plan for the future, something which I had never really considered in the past. I had no idea about retirement planning, college fund saving or life insurance policies and in all honesty I’d been a fool to not think about them. After just a couple of sessions with the advisor he had me all set up for the future and had made sure that I was going to have at least a little bit of money upon retirement and that if I stick to the plan, that my kids would go to college.


An advisor is not there to judge you on what you spend or how you spend it but they will do a break down of your income and expenditure with you and aim to increase one and decrease the other. An advisor will help you to put together a solid budget for you to stick to and whilst they would prescribe anything to you, they will be able to offer you some sound advice which trust me, you will stick to.

Cutting Down the Bills

One thing that blew me away most about my financial advisor was how much money they saved me in just a few days. In fact, within a week I had renegotiated my mortgage deal and lowered my energy bills based on the recommendations of my advisor, I couldn’t believe it! This gave me the confidence to continue to take advice from my financial advisor and whilst I had been worried about the amount that having an acids was going to cost me, they paid their own fee in just the first week. If you have any doubts about whether you should pay for a financial advisor then you should understand that this is most certainly an investment rather than a cost.

Financial advisors are not just for the rich and famous of this world and they can do great work for people just like you and me.

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