Kingston Capital – How to Become a CEO

When it comes to working out what career you are after it is important that you not only consider what you are good at but also what you actually want form your career. Upon being asked this question, many would suggest that they wanted money, power and respect and one of the most sought after positions in the World is that of chief executive officer of a company, a position which brings all of the above.

Becoming a CEO of a big company like Kingstown Capital however is not easy and you are going to need to be prepared to put in a great deal of hard work throughout your career if you have hopes of one day becoming a CEO, if this is a job that you are interested in then here is how to go about it.


One surefire way of becoming a CEO is to follow in the footsteps of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, having your own brilliant idea and making a success of it. The only downside with this career choice is that there are very few people in the World who actually have the ability to not only have a great idea which they can turn into a success but even fewer who can do this and go on to be a great CEO.


Regarding the education which you will need in order to go on to become a CEO, there are really no set rules although it should certainly heavily feature business and also economics. One thing that you most certainly must do is to ensure that your grades are of a very high level. The higher your grades are throughout high school and college, the more likely you are to to get a good job within a company. High grades are not a prerequisite to become a CEO but they will help you immensely.


When you do start in the World of work, you will need to be committed from the word go and you should already have an air of authority around you, even if you are at the bottom rung of the ladder. The people who you are working with need to know exactly what your ambitions are. With this level of confidence comes great responsibility and you need to ensure that you deliver each and every time, regardless of the project or the responsibility. As you rise up through the ranks, the pressure will become greater and you will need to deliver with even more consistency and display strong levels of leadership.

Many people think that CEOs got to where they are by barking orders and disciplining heavily, this is rarely the case and in order to become a CEO you will need a lot of people on your side. For this reason you will need to be likable, worthy of respect and be able to build relationships with people in all levels.

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