How to Record a Business Screencast Video with Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

If you sell your products online, you should record a screencast walkthrough to let people know more about what you are selling. Since you know your product the best, you should be creating the screencast yourself. Creating the screencast yourself can help you to save your business cost. You’ll require a screencast recording software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac to record the screencast. To record a business screencast tutorial, you must first launch Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac and click on the Record screen button.

On the first time you use the screen capture software for Mac, there will be a pop up that provide links to the tutorials on how to use the software for screencast recording. If there is a particular region on the screen you want to record, you must click that area with the cross hair cursor. You must choose a resolution from the drop down menu before the orange recording frame will appear on the screen. To move the recording frame, you can drag the square in the center of the frame. A hand symbol will appear when you place your cursor on it.

Since you are recording a business tutorial, you will probably want to do some explanation over the features of the products with your own voiceover. To add your own voiceover, you must click on the microphone icon so that it becomes green color. If your microphone is functioning, the green bar will move up and down as you make noises near the microphone. If the microphone is not plugged in properly or damaged, there won’t be any movement on the green vertical bar on the left.

By default, the language on the interface is English but you can change it to a different language by choosing language in the settings menu and selecting your language preference. The preference dialog box can be accessed by pressing Ctrl + P. in the preference, you can configure settings such as file, video, webcam, audio and capture time.

The screen recording won’t immediately start after you press the Rec button. There is a 5 seconds timer which will quickly count down to 0 before it starts recording. The size of the screencast is usually at least 1 MB and will increase progressively as you record for a longer period. It shows the size of the screencast recording in real time so you know how big is the video file when you finally save it on your computer.

It will show 5 video formats under save as including mp4, gif, mp3, avi and wmv. Clicking the … link will open a pop up that shows the video formats for devices and audio and video. If you want the screencast to be compatible with your mobile device, you can go to the devices tab and select your device. In the video and audio tab, you will find a full list of video and audio formats. When you are ready to save, you can press the save button. A pop up message will appear to inform you that the screencast recording is successfully saved on the computer.

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