How Denmark Is Going Green through Innovation in the Crowne Plaza

Denmark is only a small country, but it is a global leader in terms of going green and sustainability. Additionally, it is known as being one of the most innovative countries in the world. You will find it difficult to find a Danish company that does not use innovation management software in some way, in fact. One great example of how they use innovation to go green is found in the Copenhagen towers of the Crowne Plaza.

Copenhagen’s Green Crowne Plaza

A lot of people think that it is impossible to create something that looks modern and beautiful, while at the same time being green. However, Denmark has proven that those two actually go hand in hand very well. The focus for Crowne Plaza is on protecting the future. The hotel has actually been recognized as being one of the greenest in the world! It has implemented a range of sustainable solutions, which is how they have earned this reputation. And implementing this, which was done and continues to be done through innovation management system, has also increased the overall quality of the hotel.

Some of the innovative solutions the hotel has implemented include:

  • Intelligent light.
  • Heating and cooling through groundwater.
  • The biggest solar panel park in all of the Northern Europe.

All of the energy that the hotel uses is generated through sustainable, renewable energy. This means that its carbon footprint is 65% lower than that of the average hotel.

How Customers Are Engaged in the Innovation

One of the things Crowne Plaza did was launch the “free meal initiative”. What this means is that people can ride a bicycle to generate electricity and, in so doing, they can earn a free meal. This idea started because the hotel aimed to boost the health of their guests, while helping them lower their carbon footprint at the same time. This is just one of the innovative ways in which Crowne Plaza engages its customers and increases their experience.

Some Cool Crowne Plaza Facts

  • It uses low energy sources of light and an intelligent control system.
  • Every room on the 26 floors is equipped with LED flat screen televisions.
  • Their toilets use organic decomposing technology.
  • They have a gym facility where people can cycle to produce more energy. 15 minutes of cycling produces 10 watt hours of electricity, and they earn points that they can use towards a free meal.

There is a beautiful philosophy behind the success of the Crowne Plaza hotel, which is that they can integrate profitability and sustainability. In fact, they are one of the only hotels in the world who believe those two goals – being profitable and being green – are fully compatible. At the same time, they continue to use idea management software that is accessible to employees and customers alike, in order to come up with other ways to improve the overall guest experience and to engage their employees. This truly is a business that has gotten it right.

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