How cloud solutions can help small businesses level the playing field

Life can be tough for a small business. Simply balancing the books from month to month is often a challenge, and it sometimes proves impossible for these enterprises to keep pace with their larger rivals. One major area of concern for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) used to be IT. Unlike big businesses, which could afford to invest in the very best computing systems, SMEs often struggled to access suitable IT resources. This could leave them at a potentially disastrous competitive disadvantage.

However, over recent years a major change has taken place that has had a hugely positive effect on small companies. The development of cloud computing solutions, such as those offered by specialist providers like London Cloud, has helped to level the playing field. This brief guide explains how.

Lower IT costs

Perhaps the most important advantage associated with these off-site IT solutions is their low cost. Unlike traditional in-house computing systems, which often required major upfront capital investment, the cloud offers companies of all sizes the opportunity to access cutting edge resources with minimal outlay. Rather than having to make sizeable investments at the outset, businesses can simply pay for IT services as they use them.

Thanks to the cloud, companies can also kiss goodbye to potentially pricey IT upgrades and maintenance. Instead, they simply have to cover manageable regular payments to their service providers.

Expertise on tap

It was not only the cost of IT hardware and software that used to give SMEs a headache. Many of these organisations also found it tricky to access the expertise needed to fully take advantage of the technology they used. Having a designated computing team is a pipe dream for many small firms. Their budgets simply won’t stretch to it. However, by accessing their IT solutions through the cloud, businesses can ensure they have all the expertise and support they need on tap as part of their service agreements.

Advanced solutions that promote competitiveness

Previously, the prohibitive cost of the best IT systems put them out of the reach of the minnows of the business world. This made it difficult for small firms to compete with their larger counterparts in terms of the products and services they were able to offer. However, this all changed with the cloud. Now, even the smallest companies with the lowest budgets can benefit from the most advanced and impressive systems, helping to ensure they can keep pace with their larger rivals.

Better security

Reputation is everything in the business arena and so even one significant IT security lapse can spell disaster for firms. Another of the major advantages of cloud computing is the fact that it allows organisations of all sizes to benefit from robust safety measures. The best cloud providers take security extremely seriously, meaning their customers can enjoy peace of mind.

In short, the cloud has revolutionised the way in which firms manage their IT systems and it has served to ensure that enterprises both large and small can benefit from advanced, secure and cost-effective computing solutions.

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