Getting the most out of an Exhibition or Trade Show

For small businesses or startups, it is essential to get the most out of an exhibition or trade show. Before you’ve signed up for an exhibition, you should read your agreement with the organisers and make sure you understand exactly what’s included in the price. To ensure you get the most out of the show there are a range of activities that you can organise before, during and after the event.


Before the show

It’s a good idea to market and promote your exhibition or to advertise through your website, your social media accounts, industry newsletters or magazines. If you already have a customer database, remember to send out invitation newsletters or emails about the show. Ensure that your flyers and handouts are up to date with the right information and contact details. A good idea would be to brief staff thoroughly about your products and services as well as how to interact with potential customers.

Think about ways to receive customer feedback such as:-

  1. Feedback forms

  2. Prizes for completing surveys

Use your unique selling point to market your business and consider giveaways or maybe a competition to attract customers to your display. Get in touch with recommended companies online that provide great value for money budget stands, ideal for startups and small businesses.

During the show, an exhibition

During the show, attract visitors to your exhibition stand through visual displays which clearly promote your products and services. Potential customers and clients should be able to quickly work out what you’re offering. Remember to engage with your visitors, make eye contact and smile, most people respond to this in a positive way. Make sure your staff aren’t too pushy or overbearing. Aggressive selling will usually drive potential buyers away from your exhibition stand.

After the show

Once the exhibition is over, you’ll be able to assess if the show was successful by:-

  • Checking out feedback from visitors

  • Having a debriefing meeting with staff

  • Looking at post-trade show sales

  • Reviewing new customer database

  • Self evaluating the effectiveness of the exhibition or trade show

Once you have evaluated all of the facts, you’ll be in a position to decide whether you had a good return on investment from this event.

Take the plunge

As a small business or startup, there are many benefits in taking the plunge by displaying at an exhibition. It will help you to establish a presence and give a powerful platform for meeting customers. You don’t have to put off pitching at an exhibition because of the cost. There are accessible prices for startups and small businesses from reputable online exhibition display suppliers.

Having the right kind of exhibition display will help you to generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads. What’s more, you’ll also be able to develop and strengthen your brand and client relationships.

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