Four Ways To Enhance Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

When your company invests in marketing programs, the intent is to get a return on that investment that brings in profits. Even if a marketing program does not achieve its goals, you can still draw data from that program and use the data to improve future marketing endeavors.

People like Bobby Kotick of the Coca-Cola board of directors understand and appreciate the value of programs that enhance the company’s marketing efforts. There is much more to advertising a company than buying advertising time during the Super Bowl or getting full-page layouts into industry magazines. There are plenty of things companies can do to enhance their marketing efforts and raise employee morale as well.

Get Involved In Charitable Events

Charitable organizations like having corporations get involved in charitable events because the organizations know that the corporations will promote their involvement to raise media attention. In the end, both the charity and the corporation win by getting more exposure and expanding their influence among their target audiences. 

Your company should start teaming up with charities in your area, and make an effort to get involved in as many charitable events as possible throughout the year. Your involvement will enhance your reputation within the community, and it will also help your employees to feel proud about working for the company.

Giveaway Promotional Items

Some companies avoid giveaways because they consider them to be an unnecessary expense. But when you walk down the street and see people wearing t-shirts and hats with your competition’s logo on them, you can start to appreciate the real value of giveaways.

The key to getting a strong return on your investment in giveaways is to understand your target audience and giveaway things they will use. If your target audience likes to be outdoors, then giveaways such as umbrellas and water bottles will be effective. The point is to get giveaways out there to act as walking billboards for your company, and expose your company to people who may have not otherwise seen your marketing.

Press Releases

Marketing professionals understand the value of a good press release, which is why so many companies put out press releases whenever they have anything they want to say to their target audience. But if you are not investing in a service to distribute your press releases to thousands of media outlets around the world, then you are selling your marketing efforts short.

The important thing to remember is that there is no such thing as putting out too many press releases. The outlets that did not publish your last two releases will publish your next one, and your company information will be seen by an entirely new audience that will help to expand your sales.

Social Media Involvement

Many companies have a social media manager and a plan to utilize social media to enhance their marketing efforts, but those plans can always be expanded to get better results. You can start a social media street team of people who promote your business on various social media platforms to entirely different audiences. The result will be a more robust social media marketing plan that will enhance your exposure and bring in more revenue.

There is always something more you can do to market your company to your target audience. As you put together your next set of marketing programs, always look for ways to enhance your marketing influence and grow your customer base.

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