Five Things You Need To Know About Company Secretaries

Company secretary is one of the most important careers in the market today. In most jurisdictions, the company secretary is the main link between an organization and the government.

Because of this, the person selected to act as the secretary should have all the skills to help top management operate within the law. If you are planning to become a company secretary here are the five most important things you need to know.

What does being a company secretary mean?

Being a company secretary is a great position at the heart of a company management that helps with governance. This means the secretary assists the company when making the decisions to ensure everything operates within the law.

What are the skills required for a company secretary?

To become a company secretary requires a very broad set of skills in different areas including finance, law, company law, and governance. You should also be good in negotiation skills, and demonstrate the capability to advise the top management in key areas.

Where can you get employed as a company secretary?

If you have the right skill set, you can work in very many companies. In Hong Kong, the Companies Ordinance requires every limited liability company to have a resident secretary. The secretary is supposed to act as the bridge between the company and the administration.

What are the main roles of a company secretary?

The key roles of a company secretary can differ depending on the organization. However, the common roles include;

  • Guiding the top leadership and company board
  • Following changes in regulatory environment and ensuring they are enforced in the organization.
  • Facilitating the good flow of info between different parties such as the CEO, board, and various committees.
  • Maintaining the organization statutory records
  • Attending board meetings and taking minutes

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