Business ideas to start from a garage

In the 21st century, a garage has evolved so much more than just 4 walls to park a car. Its possibilities have seemingly become endless as there is nothing we won’t try and stretch it’s use for. The classic garage has adapted to our chaotic and ever-changing lifestyles.

Leisure plays a huge part in the new-found uses for those luckily enough to have one. Conversions includes the likes of gyms, home-theatres, man caves, bars, offices, and workshops. But the commercial uses are also becoming more and more common. The adventurous entrepreneurs amongst us are keen to follow in the footsteps of legendary businessmen. Steve Jobs of Apple, Larry Page of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon all founded their now billion dollar companies from just the space of their own garage.

The space of a concrete garage gives us so much more than just a parking space, but an opportunity for an enterprising ambition. If you have the resourcefulness and go-getting mindset, then you too can either make a handsome amount of side cash or transform into a full-time business venture.

One common business venture to start up from your garage is a bicycle or car mechanic. Now this does require an established skillset and advanced knowledge. But one way this can be turned into such a successful and profitable business is the min cost of a store based mechanic is the overheads. But if you can simply work one car or bike at a time the jobs will be steadily rolling through. Always in need of work everyone at some point has car trouble, likewise everyone is aware of the issue of extortionate mechanic prices.

Computer repairs is also a business that has great potential by starting up from a concrete garage. Again, all that is required here is a basis of background knowledge and the space for an workroom that may not be available in the home. Concrete garages are the perfect space for a work pace that doesn’t require renting a room. Again, the business is guaranteed, almost all of us own a computer for a lifestyle now that is almost completely digitalised, yet pretty much none of us have the no-how to fixing it when it breaks.

Freelancing/blogging is also a direction you can go with a concrete garage. The internet has made it incredibly easy for a writer to find work, no matter how disjointed or random the piece is, there is lots of money to be made writing online. The concrete garage conversion can be set up to resemble that simply of an office, all is needed is a computer and desk, do with the rest wat you want. This also has the added vantage of privacy and quiet to stop any distractions that you might have I the house. Or in a shared office pace.

Craftwork or any handmade manufacturing is perfect for a garage. This could be anything from greeting cards, picture frames, sailboats, planes, or train models; the possibilities are endless. Why not turn a hobby into money-spinning business? this also applies for any time of small scale refurbishing, for things like antiques or watches.

Salon is also a venture with a whole hoax of possibilities. From hairdressing to manicures pretty much any hair & beauty idea can be done from a concrete garage. The whole experience of being pampered is supposed to be relaxing so heating is going to be required; as is a sink with running water.

Pet grooming also has great potential to be started up from a concrete garage. Again, the actual equipment is minimal, just a table, some running water, basic tools and a lick of paint and you’re ready to go. One thig putting many pet owners from professional pet groomers is the costs, but without any overhead costs you can pass that discount onto your customers.

Almost any small-scale business cane be set up from just a concrete garage. Make sure to find a reputable and trustworthy builder for any renovations and you could soon be a business owner.

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