4 Business Start Ups Hoping to Make Guns Safer

As the laws surrounding the use of, and possession of, guns start to move around a little across the country, there are a few businesses in the industry looking to make owning and operating a gun a safer experience. As the concealed carry laws move across the United States, there are more people buying guns that have little experience with them. As with all new businesses, ambitious entrepreneurs are looking for ways to make your gun safer to possess and use at the same time. Here we are going to take a look at four businesses that are hoping to make your gun safer.gun-672129_960_720

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SGTi (Safe Fun Technology)

For years, the government and other political bodies have been trying to find a way to secure a gun to the actual owner. This is in response to guns being stolen and then used in a crime where the gun cannot then be tracked back to the criminal, but the original owner. SGTi is a company that is hoping to put a fingerprint scanner on the gun so that only one person can shoot that gun. Children and criminals would be left out in the dark in this case, making the gun safer to own and fire.

SAAMO Ammunition Based Safety System

Rather than look directly at the gun, one company has decided they could create an ammo cartridge that, when used, could make the gun safer for the owner. The SAAMO ammunition is a safety round with electronics inside of it that can alert the gun owner if it is being tampered with. With the recent high demand for ammunition supplies running many companies out of inventory, having this safety round is at least a safer option compared to a gun loaded with an actual round. If your child or another unauthorized person moves the gun, the owner is notified and can intervene if possible.

Geofenced Firearms

Taking a page from the drone technology book, one company is hoping to use GPS in order to determine if a certain gun can be fired or not. With GPS locked into a gun range, these specifically equipped guns could not be fired if they were removed from the pre-programmed GPS location. This would make the theft of the gun a much safer situation for everyone and would allow a gun range owner the ability to keep an eye on guns operated on their property.


One company, called TriggerSmart, is planning to use RFID in order to have control over who gets to shoot a gun. Unauthorized users would not be able to fire the gun thanks to the special technology built into the hand grip. At the same time, the company is hoping to use the same technology in the next phase where it will be able to disable the firearm in places like the airport.

Guns are being purchased by many more Americans than ever before and other than causing an ammunition shortage, gun related businesses are on the rise. These are just four of the many businesses out there hoping to make your gun a little safer to own.

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