4 Ways to Provide a Higher Tier of Customer Support

Sustained customer satisfaction is the lifeblood of the vast majority of consumer-oriented and B2B businesses. Companies that fail to meet and exceed their customers’ needs on a regular basis are akin to a ship with a crack in its hull – they will inevitably sink if they don’t address the issue. With this in mind, it becomes obvious why companies that lack effective customer support should be worried. In this article, we will explore four ways that you can take your customer support to a higher Read more [...]

5 Trading Mistakes You Won’t Make with 70 Trades Malaysia

Online trading is one of the most lucrative and convenient forms of investing. The trade requires smaller trading fees than the traditional stock trading and it gives you the freedom to trade on one platform, anytime anywhere. Despite these benefits, most traders have given up since they find it hard to make profits. In fact, a study by Tradecity reports that 80 percent of new traders quit the industry after two years since they cannot attain their financial goals. Here are some common trading Read more [...]

Peer-to-Peer Business Lending Gives Banks a Run for their Money

It used to be that the only way small businesses could obtain a loan was to visit their local bank. For new operations, that meant pledging the house to get the loan in some cases, and at other times, being turned down flat. The lack of access to easy lending or financial markets often meant that new businesses didn’t get off the ground or the founder needed several years of personal savings to do so. The advent of peer-to-peer business lending in its various guises is changing all that. Local Read more [...]