What Legal Rights Do Victims Of Terrorism Have?

The primary test faced by justice systems is how the victims of terrorist attacks get treated. Each victim needs equal and appropriate treatment to maintain moral integrity in the society. There needs to be proper support and protection of victims of the crime. Below is a list of legal rights that victims need to know. Information Rights Victims have the right to gain access to any information held by the state or any other person for protection and fundamental freedom. Before trial, you must Read more [...]

Stop Chargebacks in Their Tracks: Identity Verification Can Help Your Business to Avoid Chargeback Fraud

Ever since the dawn of the internet people have been trying to find a way to take advantage of the level of anonymity that it offers. One way that arose from this anonymity is the increase in chargeback fraud. Chargeback fraud is when people order things with their credit card once the product arrives they ask their credit card provider to do a chargeback. This cancels the order and gives them a refund. In this situation the burden of cost always falls on the seller of the product.   More Read more [...]

Your Guide to Buying a New E-Commerce Store: 5 Top Tips

Buying an e-commerce store is a bit like buying a used car. You need to look check the exterior of the car for any damage, but you also need to check out the interior to ensure that everything inside is working as advertised. Buying an online store is similar in that finding one that really operates how it’s advertised to can be challenging. Before you invest in an e-commerce venture, consider the following tips to ensure you purchase one that’s viable. 2.Know Where to Look The website you Read more [...]

Getting the Deal Done: Sensible Strategies for Better Business Travel

It isn’t always easy when you’re traveling for business. From packing constantly to sleeping on planes and being glued to your cell phone at all times, your day-to-day routine can soon be disturbed, making you feel incredibly grumpy. However, the first step to enjoying stress-free travel is to retain a positive attitude. Acknowledge helpful staff and you’re more likely to bag yourself an upgrade, achieve better itinerary changes, and get a better-than-average service. Retaining a happy Read more [...]