Dining by Design: Exciting Ways to Set Up Your New Restaurant

New restaurants are important to the health of the dining industry. They bring freshness of purpose to the industry, and help keep established players on their toes. When you open a new restaurant, then, you aren't simply aiming to do well by yourself -- the industry depends on you for inspiration. It's more than the food When you open a new restaurant, it is rarely just the menu or the service that will be discussed by restaurant reviewers. The idea for restaurants is to sell an experience, Read more [...]

Failure to Launch: How to Avoid Destructive Direct Mail Mistakes

If you're starting out with direct mail for the first time as a way to market your product, you can congratulate yourself on your perceptiveness. Far too many marketers today dismiss direct mail in favor of flashier alternatives such as email. Recognizing the potential of direct mail is only a start, though -- it's important to understand how to deploy the method to the best effect With email marketing, high-tech test methods such as analytics and A/B comparisons are always on the top of marketers' Read more [...]

A Step By Step Guide To Starting Your First Law Firm

So, you’ve been thinking about a career in the legal profession, but you don’t know where to start. That’s not surprising considering you have no experience in either law or the business world. However, anyone can launch a law firm and make a killing if they follow the right processes. It might take a long time to achieve your dream if you are not already qualified. Even so, there are very few things standing in your way. Follow this guide to the letter, and you could have a successful business Read more [...]