Four Ways To Enhance Your Company’s Marketing Efforts

When your company invests in marketing programs, the intent is to get a return on that investment that brings in profits. Even if a marketing program does not achieve its goals, you can still draw data from that program and use the data to improve future marketing endeavors. People like Bobby Kotick of the Coca-Cola board of directors understand and appreciate the value of programs that enhance the company's marketing efforts. There is much more to advertising a company than buying advertising time Read more [...]

Top benefits you can offer your employees

When trying to attract the best employees, it is a good idea to offer benefits alongside a good salary. Those who are looking for work will want to know what you can do for them, and as many companies now offer employee benefits it is worth considering adding a few as part of an employment package. Employees need to be happy otherwise they will be looking for a new job!   The advantages of offering benefits   Benefits can help you to seem like a much more attractive employer. Read more [...]