How corporate WiFi complements the modern office

Office design has certainly come a long way over recent years, and one of the major forces driving innovation in workspaces is the increasingly sophisticated technology available. For example, WiFi has transformed the way offices look and feel. By enlisting the help of a suitable public WiFi provider, companies across the globe can open up a plethora of design possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Here are just two of the ways in which wireless web can complement the modern workspace. Added Read more [...]

What to consider when planning your next POP project

Some brands make the mistake of thinking that retail marketing is just about getting shoppers through the door. While this is a vital piece of the puzzle, it’s important to remember that you must employ effective marketing techniques in-store in a way that creates continuity of your brand’s message and voice if you want to maximise sales. One way to get the most out of your footfall is to invest in POP (point of purchase) marketing. This method allows you to get your customers’ attention when Read more [...]

Five Reasons to Use a Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney

Whether two companies are merging or one company is acquiring another, the importance of using an attorney like Wilson Neely, with a specialty in mergers and acquisitions, cannot be exaggerated. There are many reasons for this, and the following is a quick outline of the a few of the important ones. misunderstandings between parties in a merger This can be a big problem with a merger. It is important that both sides have representation so that both companies understand exactly what is being agreed Read more [...]