Why Facebook Should Be such an Integral Part of Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Recently, any social media website that uses Web 2.0 technology has completely changed the way the internet is currently being used. Once upon a time, the internet was a one way connection. We searched for information and we got it. Today, however, we use it to share and to talk to each other. This is done through videos, photos, blogs, statements and more.

Facebook et al

But what about Facebook? How has that changed not just the world of communication and the internet, but also the way advertising works for online marketing? Any social media marketing optimizer will tell you that it has actually made their life a whole lot easier. Facebook in particular is the perfect advertising tool because it allows things to go viral almost instantly. It is, for a marketer, nothing but a huge social directory that is fully interactive as well. It also allows individuals to create personal profiles, through which they can connect with millions of other people.

Because Facebook is so popular, users have created little segments for themselves. They used interest groups to connect with others who have similar interests. This is a behavior that is completely inherent to Facebook and other social media tools and that have been made possible thanks to Web 2.0 technology. These networks are hugely powerful tools because they allow specific demographics to be targeted. Online marketers can use this to their advantage, as they should easily be able to find groups of people that have an interest in their product or service. They can also help it to build a brand and more.

It is also important to understand that the rate at which social media, and Facebook in particular, is growing is exponential. More and more people from all over the world are joining Facebook. Today, Facebook is the 6th most visited website in the US, for instance. It has well over one billion users and over 73 million of these are part of one of 40,000 different specific networks. Coincidentally, this is a 53% year on year growth.

Social Media Marketing

So how can advertisers use this? Basically, they use a technique known as SMM (social media marketing). This is now inextricably linked to search engine optimization (SEO), because it helps to increase overall website visibility and brand recognition. Particularly since you target very specific and relevant audiences, you will greatly improve your overall online standing.

A few statistics are of importance if you are considering engaging in social media marketing yourself:

  • Youth Trends states that Facebook is the most popular website between 18 to 24 year olds.
  • 70% of all women between 17 and 25 state that it is their favorite way of spending online time.
  • 56% of men in the same age group state the same.
  • Being online is a part of life now and 50% of people visit Facebook at least once per day, staying on the site for around 35 minutes.

Now do you see why Facebook should be a vital part of your social media marketing campaign?

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