What Your Trade Show Survival Kit Should Contain

When you want your trade show experience to be as successful as possible without glitches or problems, you may want to take along a trade show survival kit that can be a lifesaver when others around you are struggling with issues. During the show you want your staff’s attention to be on building your clientele instead of trying to find solutions that make your presentations flow smoothly. It’s always best to anticipate problems and be prepared for them than to have to react with a surprised expression and a mediocre presentation. Let’s take a look at what your trade show survival kit should contain to keep your booth operating smoothly and your potential clients perusing your materials.


  1. First you should have some basic tools such as hammers, wrenches, and a screwdriver that can handle some of the miniscule problems that can arise in your booth. You might also want to include an extension cord, a power strip, and some extra bulbs if your booth has lighting around the perimeter. It is also wise to include an extra drive and other digital storage formats in your survival kit.

  2. You should make sure that you have plenty of business cards, brochures, flyers, leaflets, and other marketing materials that you can give out to visitors to your booth. By visiting the website www.eazy-print.com you can be assured that all of your business stationery will carry the same logo, brand, and information that gives it a professional look.

  3. You’ll want to have paper towels, some trash bags, and other cleaning materials that can keep your electronic devices clean and working properly. Make sure that you have office supplies, a box cutter, scissors, highlighters, tape, and pens and pencils to record visitors to your booth. You may want to have a printed sheet that has all of your social media contact information so that clients can contact you with the format that they prefer.

  4. Make sure that your survival kit includes breath mints, hand sanitizer, and some first aid materials such as band aids, pain relievers, and antacids for those quick meals on the run. Adding some bottled water can help to keep you hydrated and will keep your throat lubricated especially if you are talking with a lot of clients.

  5. If you are using banners or posters, you may want to carry along in your vehicle some extra exhibition stands and display stands to use on the tables that you’re assigned in your booth. When you can add interesting levels to your display, you will capture the attention of the attendees more readily.

Planning ahead for any emergency can enhance the results that you get at your trade show attendance and keep your health and well-being in good shape for the long hours. Just having a cool drink of water and a pain reliever can soothe tired feet, aching legs, and help you to focus on the potential clients all asking for your attention.

Image courtesy of Mister GC/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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