Website design trends in the real estate sector

Almost 90% of homebuyers use the internet to search for the property they want, and nearly half actually found theirs that way. In 2014, 539,000 family homes were sold in the US, a serious increase on the previous year, and as a result, competition in the real estate sector is fierce. A well-designed, bold web presence can be the factor that enables a real estate firm to sink or swim. An off-the-shelf layout just isn’t going to cut it in 2015. People want their dream home to be distinctive, attractive, clean and stylish, so it makes sense that they’ll be drawn to a real estate website that has these qualities.

Jim Decker of JDAK is someone who knows that a strong, multi-platform web presence is the way to reach out to and engage with customers. As the manager of a Vancouver-based real estate company focusing on both investment management and rentals, he cares about the quality of his main site and has other online platforms like blogs, Tumblr and tenant services.

Top trends

 Full-screen video backgrounds are a popular trend that many designers have been focusing on. These can be ambient or can convey relevant content with minimal information laid on top. If a picture is worth a thousand words then a moving image is worth several million. Videos can instantly promote your brand and capture attention, and can be updated regularly to keep the site fresh.

Flat, minimalist design is an alternative to the complex, cluttered sites that are increasingly seen as alienating and unfriendly. A clean, modern site with stylish fonts and a simple color scheme can be much more enticing, and will focus attention on your content rather than distracting with unnecessary fripperies.

Scrolling down is overtaking clicking through pages as it offers a more intuitive, faster experience as well as being noncommittal. There are less opportunities to turn away, lose attention or for the page to crash. It’s also increasingly important for your site to be mobile friendly, as more and more people will access the web this way in 2015 and beyond.

Ultimately, a real estate company should approach their site in the same manner as someone hoping to sell their house. They know they have to show it at its best; tidy, uncluttered and welcoming, showing off its best features while letting visitors imagine a place for themselves within. Staying up to date with current website design trends is the way to bring visitors and sales to your company in 2015.



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