Ways AI is Changing the Online Environment for Good

Many people are discussing what kind of impact AI will bring in the future, as this technology has already taken its swing. However, even though AI is not as sophisticated as it will definitely be in the future, it still has a huge impact on things and we are already seeing some major changes in the online world driven by AI.

You may already know, but AI is quickly growing in the online world and a lot of businesses and professionals are relying on AI solutions to do their work. We are still not at a stage where AI will do most of our work and allow the human world to focus on different tasks, but AI is already widely adopted in different technologies and is designed to “think” like us.

Today, we will talk about how the online world has changed because of AI and how these changes affect everyone.

Impact on the way social media is used


One of the greatest impacts AI has in the online world is on social media. During this year and the year before, we have seen an increase in the use of targeted, personalized, real-time content. The purpose of these strategies is to increase sales opportunities. Even though this technique was used in the past, it wasn’t so effective and precise.

However, things have changed. With the use of AI, this kind of content creation and targeting was made possible as AI can be used for precise behavioral targeting purposes. Not only has this allowed businesses to effectively market their products or services, but it has also changed the experience of social media users.

Today, people are constantly seeing sponsored content which is more or less relevant to them based on their behavior. This means that a lot of people are finding what they need through social media, while at the same time, they aren’t annoyed by irrelevant things.


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Having a conversation with a non-human seemed like science-fiction to many of us but today, this is a common thing in the online world. With the use of AI technology, creating a chatbot has become “easy” and today, you can see them on social media, websites, within messaging apps, etc.

When people are looking to buy something online or learn about products or services, they can now talk to chatbots on business websites or social media pages. People can ask chatbots and get personalized answers, discuss topics on a deeper level and get solid advice from these AI systems.

Not only that these versatile AI solutions have built-in information based on which they can give answers and draw conclusions, but they can also learn important things through conversations and build on them. This is how they become better and better in conversations and are able to provide more information to people. On top of that, AI chatbots are available 24/7.

Online learning and AI


With their algorithms, analytics and ability to make accurate predictions both AI and Machine Learning have had a great impact on online learning. Online learning courses that have adopted artificial technologies can help address issues or any confusions that students encounter in an instant. Simply put, AI technology can serve as a virtual tutor and help teach students more thoroughly.

AI technology has the power to recognize pieces of the puzzle a student is having problems with. Sometimes students simply miss important bits that prevent them from going any further. With AI tutors, they can quickly make up for the missing knowledge.

On top of that, a lot of online learning courses are flexible and offer branching scenarios, and AI can guide the course in the right direction based on the student’s performance, preference and behavior, allowing them to retain knowledge more effectively while being constantly engaged.

These are just some of the ways that AI has affected our online behavior. The truth is that AI is becoming so widespread in the digital world and there are constantly new things being implemented that it’s impossible to name all of them. What remains certain is that AI is going to affect us more, and change the way we live, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

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