Types of Table Bases and How to Pair them with the Right Tabletops

The first thing to look into when buying tables for your restaurant is the base. You want to make sure that the base is sturdy enough to last for a long time. You should decide on the right restaurant table bases first, so you can then check out the best tabletops to go with them. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Round bases

They are perfect for round tabletops. When placed on top of a round base, a tabletop becomes more stable compared to a round table attached to a square base. They are also easier to clean when the base is round. The only downside is that you cannot push chairs in easily. You need to have ample aisle space before you can select this type of base.

Cross bases

This type of base is usually more difficult to clean due to the complexity of the design. However, it allows the chairs to be pushed in easily compared with the round table base. Therefore, it matches a restaurant with a smaller space. This base works well with rectangular or square tabletops. They can be used for round tabletops as well.

T-shape bases

This type of table base is perfect for supporting long and rectangular tabletops. The added weight though requires two t-shape bases at once. They are usually used if you have larger or longer tables that can accommodate several customers at once. They are easier to clean, and they don’t prevent chairs from being pushed in.

Cantilever brackets

They are mounted on a wall. They can hold rectangular tabletops. They are great in the sense that you eliminate the need for more floor space. Customers can have more foot room. The area under the table can also be easily cleaned.

Final tip

When choosing tabletops and bases, it is not just the matching of the styles that you have to consider. You should also check the size. Make sure that the base is the correct size for the tabletop for it to hold the tabletop well and avoid potential problems. The height must also be taken into consideration so that customers will feel comfortable when dining.

The price varies not on the type of base or top used, but on the materials used and the size of the base and top that you chose. You need to make sure that you select a style that is perfect given the budget that you have allotted. Don’t go beyond the said amount or else other aspects of your business might be affected. Tables and chairs are just a part of the restaurant business and you have more things to invest your money in.

Image: Pixabay.com

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