How to Have a Well-Organised, Headache-Free Moving Experience

Relocating to another area can give you a whole lot of stress – from thinking about the items you will pack or dispose of to choosing the right mover, you can be sure that moving is filled with plenty of important factors to consider. Fortunately, there are ways in which you can make your move more organised and well-planned – and by following the guide below, you can experience a move that goes smoothly in every way.

Who to inform about your move

First of all, you have to make sure that the relevant people and institutions are informed about your move. And whilst this part is always tedious, you can make it easier on yourself by making a checklist of the ones who should be informed, starting with their importance. The very first individuals and institutions you should tell about your move are banks and credit card providers, share, loan, and pension providers, insurance firms, and the local council. You should also make it a point to inform telecommunications service providers such as your cable and Internet company and your telephone company. Along with this comes making sure that your Internet and telephone connections will be switched off at the appropriate time and re-connected to your new location.

Choosing the right removal company

Getting help from a removal company is more common nowadays, especially if you would like to be free from the hassles of packing or even re-assembling your furniture at your new location. But whilst there are plenty of removal companies to choose from in the UK, it is important that you choose the right one. For this, it is best to get at least three quotes in writing from prospective removal firms. You can also make the process easier by asking for referrals and personal recommendations for removal firms in the area. For instance, if you live or work in Gloucester, you can ask around for any referrals from friends and colleagues who reside in the area or nearby in order to get the best quotes for removals Gloucester firms can offer.

When you have received quotes from three providers, check how established they are by asking how long they have been in the industry and what references they can provide. And whilst checking for the best removals service, remember that quality can come at a price. Choosing the cheapest removal service can be a bad decision, especially if you have plenty of requirements and have many delicate items. You can even opt for a professional packing service which is not as expensive as you may think. With professional packing, you can save a lot of time, as packing items can be the most extensive chore in any move.

Declutter early on

Moving to a new location gives you the unique opportunity to declutter, whether you are moving house or moving office. To make decluttering easier, do it per room and check all the cupboards, drawers, and shelves. When you declutter early on – about six weeks or so before your move – you can save time and effort when the actual packing begins. Items you don’t need can be disposed of, either by giving them away to charity or by holding a sale or auction online, thus giving you the chance to earn money as well.

What to consider when using a removal firm

If you have decided to enlist the services of a removal firm, make sure that they have permission to park their vehicles outside your property (when necessary), and arrange to supply them with a layout of your new location for easier unloading.

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