How to attract customers prior to an event

It doesn’t matter whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show exhibition, holding a sale, or carrying out a complete re-brand, you’re likely to gain more success at your business event if your customers are aware that it’s going to happen. This is important given the fact that you would rather have your customers waiting for your event with high anticipation. However, it can also go a long way in terms of business success to keep your customers in the loop about the latest news within your company.


It all comes down to marketing, and as most of us are aware, successful marketing campaigns are often not always such an easy task. Nevertheless, successful marketing events can lead to extra sales, more profit and security for your business. Exhibitions provide you with an opportunity to increase sales via direct advertising to your target market, so it only makes sense to make sure potential customers know to look out for you. For more of an insight, you can check out the engaging exhibition marketing specialists Nimlok website for advice on how to make your show a success. Below, we’ll discuss a few ways you can let your customers know about an event before it actually happens.

Use Social Media

Most individuals use some form of social media, which is a great thing for businesses because it allows them to communicate with customers easily and for free. Social media posts can be used to let customers know about your event, although given that people want to read very short posts due to time constraints, it’s ideal to drip feed information rather than attempt to lay out the plans for the full day. You can use social media to your advantage to showcase snippets of what you have to offer on your stand. Tweeting a picture of the latest technology on your stand will leave users wanting to know more.

Update Your Blog

If you maintain your website by regular blog posts and useful information about your business, you could attract users who might share the news of your event on your behalf. It is best practice to keep potential customers excited and intrigued rather than tell them everything, though you might be able to offer a little more information via an article on your blog than a social media post.

Attract Subscribers

If you have a regularly updated blog/social media offering, you might be able to attract subscribers to a weekly email newsletter, offering information about your company and, of course, your upcoming event. Subscribers are usually more willing to read what you have to say than people simply browsing the web. The key here is to plan your marketing activity to run before the big event so that you attract all the possible interest you can from your target audience.

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