Getting the Public Involved with Marketing

Coming up with a sophisticated marketing plan requires a lot of skill and effort as businesses need to convey a message in an articulate way. Companies will be looking to come up with schemes that appeal to their target audience, but this presents a series of problems in itself.

For a start, they need to have a good understanding of who exactly their target audience is. Unless they have this information to hand, it will be almost impossible to develop a convincing campaign that will encourage customers to part with their hard earned cash.

So, how can businesses find out more about their audience? One option is to get members of the public to fill out questionnaires, as this will give businesses access to plenty of market research. Normally, members of the public are resistant to questionnaires, so incentivising them is a good idea.

A common incentive for doing this is to offer cash – although this can be spent anywhere and it is less likely to result in people remembering who the questionnaire was for. Instead, brands should look to give away a series of freebies once people have completed the process as a thank you.

Here are some promotional ideas:

Polo shirts

Printed shirts can be a great gift for people who fill out questionnaires. Clothing has universal appeal as it is practical and usable. Moreover, businesses can make the survey a bit more entertaining and interactive by handing out a different design or colour depending on the answers given. For example, if the questionnaire is based around personality, there could be five or six different designs or colours available to represent the type of person. This will make the whole process a bit more personal, which will help develop better brand recognition in the long term.


When the working day reaches 3pm, what better way to fight off the mid-afternoon slump than by having a packet of sweets?  Entice survey participants with a bag of sweets and it should increase the response rate to your questionnaire.  Promotional sweets often come in a clear acetate bag, while a self adhesive label can be added to the front carrying your logo or message. Whether it is mint imperials, wrapped sweets, jelly beans or retro sweets, people are bound to want to take part in your survey.


A good way to participantsencourage people to complete a questionnaire is to give them a bottle of wine if they complete the survey. Either as part of a hamper or on its own, this gift is likely to be well received. Indeed, when branded and bought in bulk, wine could cost around the same amount as giving every respondent £10 – which means it could be a cost-effective way to develop a good rapport with potential customers.

Throughout the whole process, the emphasis should be on choosing gifts that are usable and memorable, while every item offered has to represent the personality of the brand. By doing this, businesses can increase the chance of generating quality market research.


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