Getting the Deal Done: Sensible Strategies for Better Business Travel

It isn’t always easy when you’re traveling for business. From packing constantly to sleeping on planes and being glued to your cell phone at all times, your day-to-day routine can soon be disturbed, making you feel incredibly grumpy.

However, the first step to enjoying stress-free travel is to retain a positive attitude. Acknowledge helpful staff and you’re more likely to bag yourself an upgrade, achieve better itinerary changes, and get a better-than-average service.

Retaining a happy demeanor throughout your trip isn’t the only thing you can do to enjoy better business travel. Here are some other handy tips:

Don’t Check Baggage

Business travel is stressful enough without worrying about losing your luggage or being late once you arrive at your destination. That’s why it’s worth only taking carry-on luggage so you can check-in online, go straight through security once you arrive at the airport, and remove any waiting time when you land at your destination.

Plan Ahead

When you’re traveling to a new location on business, the last thing you want to be doing is searching around for restaurants and accommodation once you get there. Look for conveniently-located hotels and restaurants, booking in plenty of time so you don’t have to stress once you arrive. It’s also worth looking for hotels that specialize in business travelers, like the Marriott Princeton New Jersey because they’ll often help you with transfers, lunches, and early breakfasts.

Don’t forget to download a map of your destination, too, so you can navigate yourself around the city or local area with ease. This is also incredibly handy if you’re hiring a rental car while you’re out there.

Join a Rewards Program

If it’s noticed that you’re frequently using the same hotel, rental-car company, or airline, the staff are more likely to go above and beyond for you.

If you’re a member of loyalty programs or rewards, you’ll often receive a premium hotel room, priority boarding on flights, and first-class upgrades along the way. You’ll also receive a better all-around treatment from the staff members as they recognize you as one of their frequent customers.

Furthermore, some rental-car companies also provide rewards programs for their members, greeting you at the airport when you arrive rather than making you sit and wait for their infrequent shuttle bus.

Keep a Bag Packed

To save time packing frequently for business trips, why not keep your carry-on suitcase packed with all your essentials. This could include shoes, clothing, and accessories, along with smaller toiletries that you can take onto the plane with you. If you can, opt for thinner tablets and laptops so they’re easier to carry around, and when you do need to prepare for colder weathers, try wearing bulkier shoes and coats so you don’t have to eat up into too much luggage space.

Have Some Handy Numbers in Your Phone

Finally, to make sure you’re not caught out if your flight gets canceled or you need to change a car or hotel reservation, keep some customer-service numbers handy on your phone. This will help you rearrange your plans quickly, removing the need for you getting in the queue once you arrive at the airport/hotel.


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