Five Tips On Shipping Your Product

If you’re a business who makes or sells, getting your product to customers is the most important thing you can possibly do aside from promotion. Excelling at shipping and delivering can ensure that you get into business and stay there. There’s no better satisfaction for a customer than getting their purchased goods safely and on time. Here is some advice on how to succeed at shipping and, of course, getting the most out of the customer interactions that shipping brings.



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If shipping your goods to customers is getting expensive, look to contact shipping companies in that location to secure the best deal for you and your customers. Customers can be put off of your business by high shipping costs. Organise with a company for monthly shipping, break the deliveries down and save money. Not only does this save money, but it can also increase business in certain countries where you have agreed to consolidate delivery and decrease shipping rates.

Look For Patterns:


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Are certain goods ordered at certain times without fail? You might want to arrange a subscription service with the customer or even ensure the items are packed in advance. This is great customer service and also an amazing way to save time and money. Subscriptions that are agreed with customers can help reduce effort and also offers a guaranteed stream of cash as well as reducing the customer’s time spent purchasing.

Know Your Postage Rates:


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As mentioned earlier, customers can get put off by high shipping cost. Figure out your postage rates and ensure that you can find the best deal for you and your customers. There are many tools across the internet that can help you not only figure out the cost of shipping, but also an approximate time of delivery. Informing your customers on cost and delivery times is key to running a successful business.

Reuse And Recycle:


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You can save a lot of money by recycling boxes from supermarkets, neighbours, and other businesses. Not only is this saving money, but it’s environmentally friendly. One negative is that the boxes won’t have a uniform style and you won’t be able to promote your band via the external packaging of the products you ship. However, a small note inside the box can explain the appearance of the packaging as part of your mission to reduce costs and environmental impact upon the planet.

Use Social Media:


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Social media is a fantastic communication tool that should be utilized as often as possible. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to communicate one-on-one with your customers and enable you to solve issues and delivery problems in the public domain. Solving problems is incredible customer service, but doing it in front of everyone takes it a step further. Companies and businesses aren’t seen as human by anyone, but interactions between customers and a social media exec (or yourself) can lead to your business having an active customer service platform and being seen as a person and not a company.

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