Five Must Have Productivity Tools for Real Estate Agents

As a busy real estate agent, you need all the help you can get to streamline your workflow and speed up your ‘back office’ tasks, so you can focus your efforts on selling more property. Instead of stressing over your workload and burning the midnight oil, why not turn to tech and make your life easier with these five innovative productivity tools?

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an amazing design tool that’s perfect for real estate agents. With Spark, you can easily create a beautiful house for sale flyer, even if you have zero design experience. The tool takes you through the entire process, step-by-step, and once you’ve made your flyer, you can download it for printing, or share it on social media. But that’s not all! Adobe Spark takes your marketing to the next level, allowing you to quickly build stunning property showcase webpages that your clients will love.

Google Apps

This productivity suite makes creating, organizing and sharing documents a snap. Instead of emailing attachments back and forth when you need to share documents with clients, or work on drafts of marketing materials with your team, with Google Apps you can store everything in the cloud, give document access to anyone, and collaborate on your projects from anywhere.


If your business is in its early stages, and you don’t have the budget for a real assistant, then Amy, the A.I. assistant could be just what you need. Amy handles appointment scheduling. Instead of wasting time sending multiple emails or making phone calls when you need to set up a meeting, let Amy take care of the details, while you take care of your business. Anytime you need to book an appointment or schedule a meeting, just cc Amy on your initial email, and let ‘her’ get to work.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a video streaming app that gives you the ability to take clients on a virtual tour of a property. It’s the perfect way to meet the needs of out-of-town clients or help busy buyers who can’t make the open house viewing for a hot property. Instead of recording a video, uploading it to your site, emailing a link to your client and then dealing with questions, you can show the property in real time and talk things through with your client there and then.


HelloSign speeds up the home buying and selling process, and can cut down on courier and priority mailing expenses. The tool makes it possible to collect legally binding e-signatures for any documents and contracts you need your clients to sign.

It’s completely secure, meeting the standards of the United States ESIGN Act, and it integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Google Docs, Microsoft OneDrive, Evernote and Dropbox.

With custom branding, professional templates, and notification updates on the status of pending documents, HelloSign gives you everything you need to go paperless and save time and money.

All of the productivity tools listed above are simple to use, so you won’t need to master any steep learning curves. Try one, or try them all, and enjoy the benefits that time-saving tech can bring to your business.

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