Five Driving Rules That Drivers commonly Break

For most people, especially those living in urban places, driving is their way of life. But, with more licensed people on the road, there are high risks of accidents and increase of those breaking traffic laws.

Everything from flashing your vehicle lights to give way, hitting the horn in anger, driving in the middle lane of the pedestrian road and calling with your mobile phone when going through the driveway are all examples which are against the law.

Every driver has to keep their knowledge up to date of all the traffic rules revolving around the new technologies, and that is why it is crucial to get your learner’s permit for driving lessons. You are required to be on your best driving behavior when taking driving lessons to pass your driving test.

Below are the most commonly broken driving laws and how you can easily avoid them.

Run a red light

The best way to avoiding hefty fines is to pay more attention to lights and signs. Learn how to control your speed and be more aware of the surroundings. In most cases, the violation of running a red light comes from drivers who cut just a little close when the light is still indicating yellow.

Therefore to be on the safe side, once you see a yellow light, it may be smart to slow down and quickly gauge if you can make it through the intersection before the lights turn red.

Drink while driving

Either drinking or eating while driving is strictly against the law, because it is a distraction that makes you lose concentration, and the odds of a collision and death are much higher. So if the police catch you along the highway driving your car while having a snack, drinking or applying makeup, you could face serious penalty charges.


It is frustrating if there is a car in front of you that is obstructing your view or slowing you down when you are in a hurry. But it will be a good idea to think twice before tailgating such a vehicle because if you approach sharp turns or a wet road, it can be difficult for you to pull breaks and you might end up causing an accident. A little distance can make a difference to avoid needless accidents caused by carelessness.

Local laws

Sometimes you cannot be aware of your local rules, you might break some of the driving laws because their laws are not widely publicized. Personal attorneys are a valuable resource, they always work on your side if you hire them, and all you have to do is follow their instructions, and they will do whatever it takes to makes sure you are comfortable. So, you can click here if you need help in case you are caught, and you have no knowledge of the law.

Driving without a driver’s license

For drivers, it is essential always to carry a driver’s license. If you are caught along the highway because you have no driver’s license, you could receive a hefty fine.

Although there are times when even the experienced drivers have temporary lapses of forgetting or misplacing their drivers’ license, as a driver, you can start developing a habit of always carrying a wallet that keeps your license within your car.

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