Do You Have These 6 Essential Entrepreneur Traits?

It is certainly true that not just anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. The success stories are full of tales of unlikely people who have gone on to achieve great wealth. But, when you dig deeply enough, you will find that they all possess certain traits that helped them reach that level of success. For people who don’t possess these traits, the going will be much harder. In some cases, they will never be successful. So, do you possess these critical traits?


“Without independence, it is almost impossible to be a successful entrepreneur,” says entrepreneur and media guru Jeff Kamikow, who acknowledges it can sometimes feel isolating when you’re alone blazing a trail.

But successful entrepreneurs like it that way. They want to be free to completely control their future. They don’t want a boss looking over their shoulder or giving them direction.

Determination and Persistence

In the world of business, both success and failure come with the territory and an entrepreneur has to have determination and persistence. To be successful, an entrepreneur must be able to move from one failure to the next and just keep trying until he or she finds success. It is this persistence in the face of setbacks and roadblocks that determines whether or not he or she will be successful. If you never give up, your chances of eventual success go up exponentially.


Successful entrepreneurs are always self confident. If you don’t believe in your ability to succeed, why should anyone else? As a rule, those who are successful begin a project with the expectation that they will be successful. They don’t even think about the possibility of failure. This strong belief in their own abilities is what separates them from entrepreneurs who ultimately fail.


The most successful entrepreneurs are creative. They do not just hire someone who is creative. They have to personally possess this characteristic. Without the ability to create and explore new ideas and ways to solve problems, it is very difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Entrepreneurs who are successful are usually flexible, inquisitive and curious. They love to explore ideas, examine them from every angle and then implement them. Often, they have a unique way of observing the world. This makes it possible for them to be able to catch new trends before anyone else recognizes them.


Successful entrepreneurs are focused on their goals and are organized in achieving them. They can create a step-by-step plan for achieving the goal. The entrepreneur has a vision for the future and everything he or she does is directed toward achieving that vision.

Risk Taking

A successful entrepreneur is not afraid of taking a risk. He or she is also ready to accept the consequences of that risk, whether they are good or bad. The entrepreneur is prepared to start over, if necessary.

In summary, an entrepreneur who has courage, perseverance and vision stands a very good chance of becoming successful. Does this describe you?


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