Cold Calling Tips That Make People Want to Warm Up to You

Cold calling can be tough. Some people are better at it than others, but even for them it can be difficult. If you are not as good at cold calling as you want to be, you may be looking at the other callers and wondering how they manage to do so well. There are a number of techniques that they are likely using to boost their results, and you can use these to improve your own tactics.

Define Your List

First of all you should make sure you are calling the right people. You need to target the audience by finding companies and people who fit your profile. Get information about their age, income, and gender to understand them better, and therefore understand their needs more. You may want to use lead management software to help at this stage.

Be Natural

If you are using a script that sounds like a script, you will never enjoy success from cold calling. By all means use some prompts, and plan your questions and answers to objections in advance. But your targets will not trust you if they suspect you are just saying the same thing to everyone. It is impersonal and a turn off, so always be as natural as possible.

Focus on Warm Calling Where Possible

Warm calling is similar to cold calling, but it can be more effective. Use your networks and your connections to make a connection before you actually call your prospects. For example, you could try to send an introductory email mentioning that you will be calling in a few days. This is a great way to break the ice and establish a connection before making the call.

Don’t Make It Easy to Say “No”

Being pushy is not a good tactic and it will only turn people off. But that does not mean you should give them an easy way out. If you make it easy for your prospects to say “No,” then you will be hurting your chances. Try to avoid asking questions that are too easy to get out of and you can keep people on the line for longer.

Keep It Simple

Don’t try and get too much from your cold calls. Instead of going directly for the sale, for example, you could use your cold calls to filter out prospects who are simply never going to be interested. After all, you don’t want to waste time on those prospects who will never buy from you.

Use cold calling to find out more about your prospects and the benefits that matter to them, and then build a relationship with them so that you can then call later on and go for the sale.


Practice in front of a mirror or with your colleagues, and learn from the most successful people. What are they doing to make more sales? Analyze their tactics, see what works for them, and then use their techniques in your own pitch. You can also find tips online like these at, so constantly learn new techniques and practice until you sound completely natural over the phone.

Get More from Cold Calling

Don’t be put off by cold calling. It is not everyone’s favorite activity, but if you get your tactics right and start making sales, it can be great fun. Follow these tips to do more with your calls, see better results, and enjoy the process more.

William McCaulley has been working as a marketing consultant for many years. He enjoys the chance to offer his insights with an online audience. You can find various posts written by William on relevant B2B websites.

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