Classing Casters for Your Next Project

Not all caster wheels are created equal, especially when it comes to demands of the wheel in certain industries. Caster wheels come in a variety of materials, and depending on your flooring and use, your choice of wheel may change. When it comes to moving loads in the workplace, you need to choose your caster wheels carefully.

Rubber Casters

If you are needing a basic caster wheel, rubber will do. It is an all-purpose material that allows quiet movement across floors. It is a good choice for flooring, such as carpet, hardwood, and concrete. Rubber also protects the floors better than industrial steel caster wheels, which may damage flooring, such as hardwood and tile. These casters would be a good choice for office chairs.

Polyurethane Casters

When you need a good all-purpose caster wheel that will be used around chemicals, polyurethane is a good material to choose. Polyurethane casters work on most flooring types, including linoleum and wood, and provide flooring protection. Unlike rubber, however, polyurethane resists chemicals.

Pneumatic Casters

When shock absorption is needed, pneumatic casters are the way to go. They work on most flooring types, except those that have ribs which can catch the treads on the caster wheel. Pneumatic casters are a good choice if moving fragile loads or needing to move over rough floors.

Polyolefin Casters

Caster wheels used in harsh environments should be made of polyolefin or steel. Polyolefin is impact resistant, so it can tolerate those harsher uses. Polyolefin caster wheels are a good choice for flooring such as brick, steel, or concrete. However, they do not perform well on tile, wood, and asphalt.

Steel Casters

Industrial steel caster wheels work best on steel and concrete floors. The steel’s properties make these wheels rust-resistant and durable. They also can carry heavier loads and resist chemicals. When it comes to choosing casters, these wheels work well in industries such as medicine and food service. They are a good choice for medical equipment, animal cages, and kitchen appliances and carts. However, steel caster wheels are not quiet and do not offer floor protection.

With so many options, you need to evaluate your needs carefully. Which wheel is best for your needs? Which is best for your load? Which is best for your flooring? Which will withstand your working conditions? Keep these questions in mind, and you will find the best caster wheels for your project.

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