Charles Phillips Comes Back And Offers Competition For Oracle

Charles Phillips is quickly becoming a symbol of a person that should never give up and keep fighting in order to improve and be a truly successful business leader. Charles Phillips, in his role as Oracle’s president made some really bold decisions and literally took the cloud computing technology offered to a new level. Now, he became the CEO of Infor and with the launch of Ming.le the company clearly highlighted the direction towards which it was going. That direction is basically a direct competition for Oracle and SAP. Although the company is not that old on the market, it is currently already number 3 in the ERP service provider sector.

Infor offers an incredible comeback possibility for Charles Phillips. It is definitely a certainty that Oracle’s business will be affected if all goes as it is at the moment for the new venture Phillips is involved in. Infor already has 70,000 customers, acquired in just 4 years, covering 200 countries. This does include giants like Heineken, Boeing and Ferrari. When it launched it only had 4 employees and now we are over 13,000, marking a huge growth, one that was not really envisioned by anyone. According to specialists in the industry, Infor is now poised to become a powerhouse, offering great alternatives for the apps offered by Oracle and SAP.

Both Infor and Oracle are now focused on the same companies and industries. This created a really interesting competition, especially since Phillips was Oracle CEO before Mark Hurd came in. Larry Ellison, the top guy at Oracle, was always known as a person that wanted to destroy the business rivals. Now, the competition that is quickly creeping up behind him comes from one of his best employees. That is definitely ironic and has driven various media topics about the competition. Although Infor declared that it does not look at Oracle and SAP as competition, it is hard not to see this since it is exactly what is happening and the direction towards which the companies are going.

At the moment Oracle is not saying anything about the competition that appears from Infor. However, it is hard to argue with the fact that the competition exists. Most of the investments that are done by Charles Phillips at the moment are tailored towards building a supply chain solution for the retail market, which was directly targeted by Oracle in the past few years. Phillips led an aggressive acquisition spree of small software companies. Every company bought is offering something new and improving the supply chain set of applications that Infor wants to offer. Phillips basically tries to create something that would work for any business, in any scenario. If this happens, Oracle and SAP will be hit since they will not be able to take advantage of the large money gainers they have, the hardware infrastructures that they sell.

The software offered by Phillips is quite similar to a social network. Its goal is to solve various business problems while also resonating with the customers. Charles is now eyeing many different industries like pharmaceuticals, automobiles and hospitals, all while also focusing on companies with millions of dollars of income on a yearly basis. The building phase is almost over and now Infor is testing what it creates with the help of market giants in retail like Walmart. As soon as everything is complete it is hard not to end up as serious competition with Oracle and SAP.

Phillips basically makes a very smart business move. He lets SAP and Oracle to fight over the really large clients while Infor focuses on the rest, a market that is in dire need of cloud computing technology.

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