What You Should Know About Divorces and the Obamacare Bill

Money does make the world go round, and although we don’t want to admit it, certain life-altering decisions are also postponed due to lack of funds: not just building a house, renovating or buying something new, but also things that can’t afford much delay, such as divorces. Indeed, many couples choose to remain together because of the unimaginable costs that they would have living apart, and this is a sad fact indeed. What many experts are now asking themselves is whether or not the new Obamacare Read more [...]

Which Technology Works For Your Business?

The growth rate of the digital environment means that 3 billion people, or more than 50% of the global population, should have access to the World Wide Web by 2016. And, down under, is one of the most popular places for techno-savvy people to indulge their love of all things digital. New data reveals that Australia has the highest rate of mobile device penetration, with 60% of the population owning smart phones. A further 38% have and use tablets. On a consumer level technology is very much integrated Read more [...]