How to Move Your Business onto the Next Level

Moving your business up a level can be very daunting, but it can be very rewarding too! Here’s how you can do it the trouble-free way.   Define What the Next Level Means   Every business is different, so what moving to the next level means to you will be different to what it means to another business. So, the first thing you need to do is decide what you mean when you talk about moving your business to the next level. Sit down with your colleagues and make this decision collectively.   By Read more [...]

Why You Should Consider A Career In Engineering

The vast field of engineering can be credited for so many great achievements that have transformed society. Engineering has grown from two principal disciplines, civil and mechanical, to include areas such as metallurgy, automotive technology, aeronautics, electronics, and communications, among others. Engineers are able to convert the building blocks of scientific knowledge into pioneering technology. It’s no wonder that it continues to be a popular career choice. If you want to make a difference Read more [...]

What qualifications do you need to succeed in law?

A career in law can be quite demanding and challenging, requiring you to be at the top of your game at all times. Law firms are known to recruit only the best candidates, so you should be prepared to work very hard, during your school years and throughout your career. Most law firms do not require you to be a finished article once you leave college; you will however need to demonstrate that you have what it takes to handle a career in law. The first thing you will need is a stellar academic record. Read more [...]

Tips to save on energy bills in the office

The current trend is for environmental awareness, both at home and at work. If we are to meet energy efficiency goals for the next decade, we need to save on energy in the office too, and help our workplace cut costs at the same time. There are a number of ways personnel can save on energy in the office. Some of these are fairly obvious, like remembering to turn off lights when not in use, or when it is bright outside, as well as keeping computers in power save mode when you’re not using them. Read more [...]

Inventory Management for Beginners: How to Make a Place for Everything

Labeling inventory and locations seems like it’s easy, but if you’ve never done it before, it’s challenging. Here’s how to nail it so that you can find what you need when you need it. Make Location Names Unique Every location needs to have a unique name. No two locations should have the same name. If you’re using good inventory management software, which has fine-grain control, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The idea is that you label each major area in your warehouse or Read more [...]

How to find the profit leak in your company finances

Nobody goes into business to make a loss, though obviously as a business owner you sometimes have to take the rough with the smooth. One problem that can often be overlooked or even ignored until it's too late is when your company is leaking profits, a slow drip that can lead to a torrent of serious trouble ahead.   Plugging the leak really comes down to how successful and well thought through your marketing strategy is. It's all about how you communicate with your customers that will Read more [...]
Cash Flow Pie Chart on a Blackboard

Have a Plan in Place for Cashflow Problems before They Arise

As a successful entrepreneur, you know that always having a plan in place to solve problems before they arise is a policy that you should have in your toolbox of ideas. Cashflow is the centre of your company and can impede growth and progress if you don’t plan for unexpected events and circumstances that happen outside of your control. In order to compete with other businesses in your niche and to honour the financial obligations that you have as a corporate entity, you must continually monitor Read more [...]

6 Factors that Stop B2B Leads from Becoming Sales

Your B2B leads aren’t turning into sales. Why not? They should be. Maybe you’re killing your sale before it even gets off the ground. Here’s how to save it. They’re Not Sales Ready, You’re Not Organized If you’re not selling to people who are ready yet, you’ll never make the sale. Part of the problem might be that you’re not organized and you’re not presenting relevant information to the prospect so they can’t make a decision. This is a problem a lot of sales organizations Read more [...]

Clearly Creative: Budget-Friendly Tips for Branding Your Small Business

Owning a small business is tough. There are lots of resources out there, but many of them focus on the regulatory side of getting started and not so much on the branding and marketing. And, when you do come across marketing advice, it almost feels like it was meant for companies larger than yours. Here are four budget-friendly tips that will get you off the ground and help you establish yourself. Create a Simple Logo That Stands Out It all starts with a logo. Logos are sort of like your unique Read more [...]

What Your Trade Show Survival Kit Should Contain

When you want your trade show experience to be as successful as possible without glitches or problems, you may want to take along a trade show survival kit that can be a lifesaver when others around you are struggling with issues. During the show you want your staff’s attention to be on building your clientele instead of trying to find solutions that make your presentations flow smoothly. It’s always best to anticipate problems and be prepared for them than to have to react with a surprised expression Read more [...]