7 Standout Strategies to Help You Create the Perfect Exhibition Stand

Attending a trade show is a big opportunity – and potentially a big risk. You could gain yourself a lot of exposure, or simply a large bill at the end of it all. Take a look at these top tips for a trade show to remember for all the right reasons.

1. Grab Attention Even Before the Show

Once people are coming through the doors you have only a few seconds to attract them to your stall as they walk past, and you are competing with hundreds of others. Give yourself a head start by mailing your contacts a special, attention-grabbing gift or message before the show with your stand number and a reason to visit.


2. Get the Lighting Right

Pay attention to how your booth is lit so that you can be more inviting, welcoming, and attractive to passers-by. You don’t have to be flashy to be impactful, however – make sure your lighting suits your brand and your purpose. Flashy neon is great for some people, while subtle spotlights work for others.

3. Always be Active and On Your Toes

When you are on duty on the stand, make it count. Cultivate a positive attitude, make an effort to speak to people and use open, welcoming body language. You don’t have to pounce on people as they walk past but you do need to appear professional, alert, and friendly. Make sure that you have someone else that can share the work on the stand so that you can take breaks to recharge your energy and take a look at some of the other displays.

4. Purchase Professional Backdrops and Banners

It pays to spend a little money on professionally produced banners and backdrops so that you appear smart and professional. Banners and displays are available from rollerbannersuk.com and others in all shapes and sizes – choose banners that work well in the space you have, and which are directly linked to your brand; you can print your own logo and design on banners that you have professionally printed.

5. Get Rid of Barriers

Make your stand as inviting as possible and easy for people to access. Putting a table across the front of your display makes it unappealing for people to try to read what you have written on the backdrop and it can be intimidating. Put a round table and chairs to one side or to the back if you want a space to sit and chat with people.

6. Keep it Simple

A trade show is not a shop window for all your products. A cluttered stand will not attract people – choose an angle to promote and don’t overcrowd the display with objects or messages. Highlight the best service you are showcasing, or the best product for that time of year and that particular show.

7. Use a Theme…

but avoid being cheesy or gimmicky. For example, if you have a line of jewellery that is based on natural designs then you could go with a naturally-inspired backdrop design and accessories. Keep things subtle to avoid looking like a costume shop.

Image courtesy of emptyglass / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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