6 Support Methods Your Online Store Should Offer

Building a successful online store can be tedious work. Not only will you need to ensure new products are regularly added and you have a variety of payment options for new customers, but you’ll also need to provide the best support methods to ensure customers can always reach you should they need you. By offering the following six support methods to your customers, you can be sure you’re going to be a step ahead of your competitors.call-center-1015274_960_720

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Phone Support

There are thousands of online stores that do not offer phone support but are still a success. However, if you want to be taken seriously in the industry you need to make sure phone support is always an option. Most customers with pre-sales questions or support requests do not want to wait for a response via email, so it’s important they are able to pick up the phone whenever they need you. You can contact BT via their BT Broadband contact details to discuss implementing a business phone line into your home that also comes with broadband options, for example.

Email Support

The most obvious support method to provide your customers with is email support. By leaving your email on your website you’ll find customers will ask presales questions whereas others may have nonurgent support requests for you to deal with. Email support should be offered as standard for any online business to be a success as not all customers like picking up the phone to get the support they require.

Support Ticketing System

A support ticketing system is much like email support except it’s much easier to organise and keep track of support requests. By implementing a support ticketing system into your website, you can have clients register and request support and you’ll easily be able to respond from a control panel. This is great to provide prompt responses and you’ll also give customers the option to let you know how urgent their requests are.

Live Chat Support

Live chat support is a great option for new customers, as they can contact you with presale questions while they are browsing your products online. You’ll need to be active during business hours to show customers you’re always online, but it’s a fantastic way to give customers the quick responses they require without them having to pick up the phone.

Desktop Chat Options

The easiest option for customers to get in touch with you for an instant chat is via the live chat support option. However, not all customers have the relevant browser or latest updates to get access to live chat which is why another good support method to offer is desktop chat. By taking advantage of the likes of Skype and ICQ you will always be accessible to customers who cannot get access to live chat support via your website.

Social Media

Another way to connect with your customers is to offer social media options for them to be able to contact you. Not all customers will want to publicly ask for support but it’s an effective way to keep your social media pages updated and it’s also a recommended method of showing potential customers you’re always active.

The above six support methods are important for any business to succeed and even if all the support methods aren’t used regularly, you can be sure it’s going to give potential clients more reason to shop with you than your competitors.

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