5 Local SEO tips for new Google changes within 45 Days

Local business plays a big role in ecommerce business. Most of the local companies and firms will rely on a particular region. In order to get on the first page of google you need to utilize a few different website proposal techniques. Figures show that 73% of all searches are looking for local business. Using the tips that we share with you today will help you on your way to page one.

Local SEO is ideal for small and large businesses who want to promote themselves in front of the local people. It is not necessary for certain websites, only those who are offering products or services to the local populace. As well as the tips we are giving you today, using advertising platforms such as Facebook and AdWords are some great ways of boosting your local online presence, though you will have to pay for that traffic.

  1. Responsive Design

    Everyone and their grandmother has a smartphone, and google is suggesting that users are spending upwards of 15 hours per week using their phone for searching. This is only going to increase with the advances in pocket technology and faster internet availability. If your website isn’t responsive now, you need to make it so. A website that isn’t mobile friendly will simply not show up on a google search coming from a smartphone. Responsive designs will let your website change its borders to fit any size screen or monitor, meaning that smartphone users, tablet users and computer users will be able to enjoy the website without zooming in and out.

  2. Impressive Content

    Content is king when it comes to continual SEO success. If you have a website about chicken coops, and are posting about lemon grass trimmings, you are doing it wrong. Make sure all of your content is driven towards users and their related interests. The more you keep your users coming back, the higher authority google will give your site, thus increasing your search ranking.

  3. Local Keyword Optimization

    Local keyword optimization is the number one way to rank for local searches. Pair all of your normal keywords with your location. For example, a shoe maker in Brooklyn should target “Brooklyn shoe maker” and so on. Keywords bring organic traffic to your site, so make sure you are talking about your locality as often as possible, without being spammy.

  4. Avoid Keyword Spam

    Stuffing your content with keywords is a bad idea, and it is still happening all the time. The ideal way to go about it is to put your keyword twice per 300 words. Once at the beginning of a piece of content, and once towards the end. Google has started to penalize websites that are obviously trying to trick the search engines into giving a higher ranking. Stuffing keywords also drops the readability score, giving users a poor experience and bad impressions of your business.

  5. Use Business Listings

    Your business should already be in as many local listings as possible. But it’s always a good idea to be checking for new listings. It helps google to find your business on different websites and give you authority via old fashioned backlinks.

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