4 Things to Look for in a Fulfilment Company

When you are running a thriving company there are many ways you can reduce costs and streamline operations in order to get even more from your business. One way is to take a look at how you handle your order fulfilment.

Increasing numbers of small and large businesses are outsourcing their fulfilment needs. If you are considering this, make sure you choose the right company – take a look at the following essential qualities you should find in an outsourced fulfilment organisation.

1. Quality and Economical Packaging

One of the benefits of using a fulfilment company is that they buy their packaging supplies at wholesale prices and therefore the cost of shipping packaging will often be lower – look for a company that offers you savings in this area. You should also check that the quality of the packing supplies is up to scratch, as you do not want complaints from customers when orders arrive damaged.

2. Fees that Match Your Budget

Fulfilment company fees vary a lot, depending on the service you need and the company itself. Obviously when you are using a fulfilment company you will need to choose a place that matches your budget requirements. Take a look at the different kinds of fees involved in outsourcing this function, which include the set-up fees charged in order to prepare the system and warehouse for your items, order processing fees which are calculated as a cost for each order, minimum fees, return fees, and storage fees.

3. Good Reviews

A great fulfilment house will have offered a good service to many people, and some of these people will have left a glowing review about the company – look for testimonials and reviews that tell you how well the company performs. But of course you do need to bear in mind that every company will highlight only the best reviews on their website, so look at a more neutral site if you want the bigger picture.

4. Excellent Facilities

If you can, look around the warehousing facilities and offices. Or you should at least check out recent photographs and find out more about the processes used and all the equipment that is involved in managing your fulfilment processes. Take a look at the type of security the systems are subject to. Security is an important part of the fulfilment process and it is essential that you get this in place in order to maintain a profitable and safe company.

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