The Differences Between a DNP and PHD in Nursing

With many different further education options available, you may be wondering what the difference is between them. Understanding this will help make sure you make the right decision for you, and get on the course which will lead you down the career path you have in mind. In the field of nursing, two of the courses people often wonder about are the doctorate of nursing practice, and the PHD in nursing. They sound quite similar, so what are the differences? DNP is Practice, PHD is Research This Read more [...]

Web based fax sending software: Immense help to law firms

Sending and receiving private documents that involves sensitive information is really difficult with the old traditional methods. Law firms and legal professionals find it very hard to transfer documents without the use of faxing machines. Most of the corporate organizations have to consult their private law firm for any sort of legal matters. Sending and receiving documents involves a lot of paperwork and other costs, and even sometimes privacy disrupt. Sending and receiving faxes via fax machines Read more [...]