Top destinations around the world for volunteers

Want to help those struggling with extreme poverty, but don't know which place in the world is best for you? In this post, we will share our top picks for countries that could definitely use volunteers that desperately want to make a difference in the lives of the vulnerable. 1) Cameroon Known as Africa in miniature, Cameroon boasts a variety of ecosystems and terrain within its borders. While there are many countries that enjoy more robust volunteer scenes (some of whom have been the subject Read more [...]

Things You Can Do with a Public Health Degree

If you’re thinking about your career options, you may want to think about getting a degree in public health. This type of education will open up a lot of doors and give you the skills necessary to qualify for an array of interesting work opportunities, both in the US and abroad. Keep reading to learn about a few of the things that you can do with a public health degree, whether you end up getting your public health degree online or you get your master of public health from the University of Arizona Read more [...]

4 Reasons You Need to Invest in a Roller Banner

Otherwise known as pull up banners, or Pop up Banners, roll up banners are a well-established item in the marketing manager’s toolbox. Roller banners are a useful addition to printed materials, websites, and advertising as part of an overall marketing plan for a large or small business. They are versatile and cost-effective – here are just a few of the specific reasons why your business should invest in a roller banner this year. 1. Gives You a Better Presence Having a professional presence Read more [...]

Tips in Reducing Property Tax

Owning a home undoubtedly gives a person a feeling of satisfaction and security. However, living in the real estate bubble and with the rise of home prices, it’s not that easy to have one. Not only must a person think about house construction or renovation, but there’s also property tax to think about. Property taxes are the assessed taxes on real estate as well as other personal properties, including those owned by the government and private entities. The tax rates vary from one place to another Read more [...]

Charles Phillips Comes Back And Offers Competition For Oracle

Charles Phillips is quickly becoming a symbol of a person that should never give up and keep fighting in order to improve and be a truly successful business leader. Charles Phillips, in his role as Oracle’s president made some really bold decisions and literally took the cloud computing technology offered to a new level. Now, he became the CEO of Infor and with the launch of Ming.le the company clearly highlighted the direction towards which it was going. That direction is basically a direct competition Read more [...]

Infor Focuses On The Small Companies In The Retail Industry

Infor is nowadays covered by media and analyzed by many businessmen because of the direction in which it is going. When compared with other cloud service providers on the market at the moment, Infor CEO Charles Phillips decided to take a new direction, one that has a truly huge potential and that was never actually glorified by anyone so far. Even Infor CEO Phillips’ wife saw this as a large risk. However, it is definitely a risk that paid itself out because of the success that was achieved. What Read more [...]