Philips and Accenture Partnership to Bring Surgical Tools to Google Glass

Imagine how surgeons could react to changes in blood pressure, heart rate, and other vitals if they could see them updated in real time constantly, within their field of vision. Accenture and Philips are working together to make this a reality for surgeons. During the first two weeks of October, the companies released details about a proof-of-concept for such a partnership. Wearable technology is by no means a new innovation. From wristwatches to fitness bands, consumers have hundreds of options Read more [...]

Beyond Digital-Do Promotional Products For Small Businesses Really Matter?

It is possible you have incorporated all the promotional methods you can such as social media and PPC but have forgotten promotional products in your effort to attract more consumers. Those who have never thought of going for promotional products or gifts to make use of in marketing mixes can do so to be able to look at their respective industries through a fresh approach. This gives a whole new dimension to their advertising since branded gifts come with a lot of benefits. Lots of them can aid in Read more [...]