3 Reasons It’s Never Too Early for Gen-y’ers to Save Up

  I'll be honest: there isn't much money in my savings account. I've got some quarters in a piggy bank, and probably a cache of dollars in the back of my car; but honestly, saving isn't a huge priority. Not because I don't want to save or I blow money, but I really can't afford it. I'm in grad school, working part time, and living off loans. But that's not going to do me any favors financially, and there's a lot of reasons why my generation needs to start making savings a true priority. 1. Read more [...]

Which Technology Works For Your Business?

The growth rate of the digital environment means that 3 billion people, or more than 50% of the global population, should have access to the World Wide Web by 2016. And, down under, is one of the most popular places for techno-savvy people to indulge their love of all things digital. New data reveals that Australia has the highest rate of mobile device penetration, with 60% of the population owning smart phones. A further 38% have and use tablets. On a consumer level technology is very much integrated Read more [...]